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MobyGames is a comprehensive online database and community-driven platform dedicated to cataloging video games and related content. It serves as a rich resource for gamers, developers, and enthusiasts alike, offering detailed information on thousands of games across various platforms, genres, and release dates. Founded in 1999, MobyGames has evolved into a go-to destination for gamers seeking information on titles old and new, featuring everything from classic arcade games to the latest AAA releases. What sets MobyGames apart is its emphasis on user contributions, allowing registered members to submit and edit game information, screenshots, reviews, and more, fostering a collaborative environment for preserving gaming history and knowledge.

The platform's database spans across multiple platforms, including consoles, PC, mobile, and even obscure or discontinued systems, making it a comprehensive repository for gaming history. Beyond mere listings, MobyGames offers in-depth insights into game development, featuring credits for developers, publishers, composers, and other contributors. Its user-friendly interface and robust search capabilities make it easy for users to navigate and discover information about their favorite games or explore new titles. MobyGames also serves as a valuable research tool for scholars, journalists, and historians interested in studying the evolution of video games and their cultural impact.

Moreover, MobyGames provides a platform for community engagement, allowing users to connect, discuss, and share their gaming experiences. Whether it's reminiscing about childhood favorites, debating the merits of recent releases, or collaborating on improving the database's accuracy and completeness, MobyGames fosters a sense of camaraderie among its members. Through its commitment to preserving gaming history and facilitating knowledge-sharing, MobyGames continues to play a vital role in the gaming community, serving as a cornerstone resource for both casual players and industry professionals alike.

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Moby Games

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