EURAXESS is a comprehensive platform designed to facilitate research mobility and collaboration opportunities in Albania. As part of the wider Euraxess network, it serves as a gateway for researchers, universities, and research institutions to connect, exchange knowledge, and access various resources. The platform offers a range of services tailored to researchers' needs, including job opportunities, funding opportunities, and practical information on living and working in Albania.

Researchers can explore job vacancies posted by universities, research organizations, and industry partners across Albania, providing them with diverse opportunities to advance their careers and contribute to cutting-edge research projects. Moreover, provides valuable information on funding opportunities, helping researchers secure financial support for their projects and initiatives. Whether it's grants, fellowships, or scholarships, the platform serves as a central hub for researchers to discover and apply for funding to further their research goals.

Beyond career and funding opportunities, offers practical support for researchers relocating to Albania. From visa and work permit guidance to information on healthcare and accommodation, the platform equips researchers with essential resources to facilitate a smooth transition to their new environment. By fostering a supportive research community and providing valuable resources, plays a crucial role in promoting research excellence and innovation in Albania, contributing to the country's scientific advancement and international collaboration efforts.

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