Petal is a search engine developed by Huawei as an alternative to Google Search, primarily designed to cater to the needs of Huawei device users following the US trade restrictions that limited the company's access to Google's services. Launched as part of Huawei Mobile Services (HMS), Petal Search offers a comprehensive suite of functionalities, including web searches, news, images, videos, and shopping. It is integrated with Huawei's ecosystem and provides localized search experiences tailored to various markets around the world.

The search engine features a user-friendly interface and incorporates advanced AI technologies to deliver relevant and personalized search results. Petal Search is designed to be highly efficient, offering quick access to a wide range of information sources and services, including apps, weather updates, live sports scores, and financial news. It also places a strong emphasis on privacy and security, ensuring that user data is protected in compliance with global privacy standards.

Petal Search not only provides standard search capabilities but also integrates with other Huawei apps and services, enhancing the overall user experience on Huawei devices. This integration includes features like AppGallery for app downloads and Huawei's own cloud services for seamless synchronization across devices. As Huawei continues to expand its ecosystem, Petal Search is positioned as a key component, aiming to offer a robust alternative to other major search engines while fostering a self-sufficient digital environment for its users.

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