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Details : Safe Search Kids
Safe Search Kids

Safe Search for Kids is a powerful safe search tool that filters search results to enhance your kids safe search... | Details
Details : Surf Net Kids
Surf Net Kids

TSurf Net Kids is an educational website designed to provide curated online resources and activities for children,... | Details
Details : Fact Monster
Fact Monster (formerly known as was launched in August 2000 by Information Please. Fact... | Details
Details : KidzSearch

KidzSearch is a child-friendly search engine and web portal designed specifically for young users, providing a safe... | Details
Details : CyberSleuth Kids
CyberSleuth Kids

An internet search guide for the K-12 Student. | Details
Details : Dino Search
Dino Search

DinoSearch is a kid-friendly search engine designed to provide a safe and engaging online experience for children.... | Details
Details : KidsSearch
KidsSearch is a child-friendly search engine designed to provide a safe and educational browsing experience for... | Details
Details : Kids.Net.Au
Kids.Net.Au is a comprehensive online resource tailored specifically for children, educators, and parents. The... | Details
Details : Draze

Draze is the first search engine of its kind to be exclusively family friendly. Are you a victim of accidentally... | Details
Details : Kiddle

Kiddle is a visual search engine for kids powered by Google, offering safe kids web, image, and video search. Results... | Details
Details : Swiggle

Swiggle is an innovative search engine designed specifically for educational purposes, providing a safe and engaging... | Details
Details : Primary School ICT
Primary School ICT

A great place to start internet sessions for kids / pupils and teachers. Internet searches are filtered and... | Details
Details : Disney UK
Disney UK

Use Disney's search engine to find everything Disney related. | Details
Details : Junior Safe Search
Junior Safe Search

Junior Safe Search is a search engine for kids created by two parents and their family living on Vancouver Island,... | Details
Details : Dib Dab Doo & Dilly too
Dib Dab Doo & Dilly too

Family safe search engine and directory. | Details
Details : Kid Friendly Search
Kid Friendly Search

Pictorial based web directory of children friendly websites. | Details
Details : Kid Rex
Kid Rex

KidRex is a child-friendly search engine designed to provide a safe browsing experience for young users. Developed by... | Details
Details : Kids Search
Kids Search

Kids Search will block adult websites from your children's searches with our own database and Google Safe Search. | Details
Details : Wabbit UK
Wabbit UK

Ethical safe Search engine for kids and adults, very child safe as Wabbit is human edited | Details
Details : Kidtopia

Kidtopia is a Google custom student safe search engine for preschool and elementary students, indexing only educator... | Details
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