Excite.com, launched in December 1995, was one of the pioneering search engines during the early days of the internet. Initially gaining traction with its innovative crawler-based technology, Excite quickly became one of the top search engines alongside competitors like Yahoo, AltaVista, and Lycos. By 1996, it had expanded its reach by acquiring WebCrawler and Magellan, positioning itself as a strong player in the search market. Excite's growth was marked by strategic partnerships, such as those with MSN and Netscape, which helped it to broaden its user base and service offerings.

Despite its early success, Excite's trajectory shifted as it transitioned into a portal offering a wide range of services beyond search, including news, email, and weather updates. This shift mirrored the broader trend among search engines at the time to become comprehensive online hubs. However, the launch of Google in 1998 significantly disrupted the search engine landscape, and Excite, like many of its peers, began to lose market share. In 1999, Excite merged with @Home Network, a broadband provider, in a $6.7 billion deal, but this move failed to reverse its decline. By 2001, the company faced significant financial difficulties, ultimately filing for bankruptcy.

In 2004, Ask Jeeves acquired Excite, integrating it into its portfolio and attempting to leverage its remaining brand recognition. Today, Excite exists as a portal offering various services in multiple countries, including the US and several European nations. It functions as a metasearch engine in the US, combining results from several sources, and provides content from diverse providers, continuing to maintain a niche presence despite its reduced prominence in the search engine market.

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