DuckDuckGo is a privacy-focused search engine founded in 2008 by Gabriel Weinberg. Unlike many other search engines, DuckDuckGo emphasizes user privacy and data security, promising not to track its users' search activities. This commitment to privacy has attracted a growing user base concerned with the increasing surveillance and data collection practices of larger competitors like Google. DuckDuckGo does not store personal information or search histories, meaning every search is completely anonymous. The search engine achieves this by not creating user profiles and avoiding personalized search results, which can also help to eliminate the "filter bubble" effect where users only see information that aligns with their previous behavior.

One of the notable features of DuckDuckGo is its "bangs" functionality. Bangs are shortcuts that allow users to search directly on other websites. For example, typing "!w" followed by a search term will take the user directly to the relevant Wikipedia page. This feature supports over 13,000 websites, enhancing the versatility and efficiency of searches. Additionally, DuckDuckGo integrates results from hundreds of sources, including its own web crawler, DuckDuckBot, and various third-party APIs. This approach helps to provide more comprehensive and unbiased search results without compromising user privacy.

Beyond its core search engine capabilities, DuckDuckGo has expanded its offerings to include additional privacy tools. These include a mobile browser app and a desktop browser extension that block trackers, enforce encryption, and highlight privacy practices with a privacy grade rating for websites. By integrating these tools, DuckDuckGo aims to provide a more holistic privacy solution for users across their entire web experience. The company has also engaged in advocacy for stronger privacy laws and greater transparency in data handling practices, positioning itself as a champion of user privacy in the digital age.

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